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“There’s A Small Hotel” The Buffalo Bills (Quartet) early 60s (Rogers & Hart)

The Buffalo Bills (Quartet) were a barbershop quartet formed in Buffalo, N.Y.in 1947. The original members were tenor Vern Reed, lead Al Shea, baritone Herschel Smith and bass Bill Spangenberg

They released this album “Home is where the Heart Is” in the early 1960s’ which included this Richard Rodgers – Lorenz Hart Song “There’s a Small Hotel:” written in 1936.

What sets this album apart from their fabulous A Capella performances is that they are backed by a band. Their Harmonies are just as great as always but the band gives it a different sound with even a jazz feel.

Classic Album that is not available on cd/mp3.

The Buffalo Bills are famous for their role in the Meredith Wilson’s Broadway Musical and Movie “The Music Man”
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Buffalo Bills ’14′ Draft Reveiw

My thoughts and opinions on the Buffalo Bills ’14′ Draft Rand offseason so far
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Sammy Watkins Buffalo Bills ESPN Interview

Apologies for phone quality
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Moorman and Lindell Bloopers – Buffalo Bills

Moorman and Lindell Bloopers - Buffalo Bills

Here are some outtakes from our Brian Moorman and Rian Lindell commercial.
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Where to Find Cute Baby Quotes

Having a baby in the house can move your life upside down. With the entire routine changing and sleepless nights, you can feel stressed by the time you go to bed. However, whenever you hear those gurgling and chuckling of your little ones it brings tears of joy to your eyes. Babies are capable of melting tough hearts and also making new ties between people. Whenever you describe a baby the only thing that comes to our minds is the word cute!

For these cute babies there are some cute baby sayings that add a whole new meaning to the lives of the parents. If you are a would-be mother or a would-be father, then these cute baby sayings are just meant for you. Apart from bringing that perfect smile on your face these sayings also make you realize that you have a new responsibility over your shoulders. The cute baby sayings can find a perfect place in your room where you can read it everyday and smile on the fact that you are a proud parent now.

There are a number of websites and forums that have a collection of cute baby sayings. In your free time, you can go through these sayings and keep smiling all the while that you are reading them. Some of the best cute baby sayings are:

Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last. – Charles Dickens
If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? – Milton Berle
My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. – Mark Twain

These sayings are good enough to lighten your mood. You can also make a scrapbook for yourself with baby pictures or pictures of you during your pregnancy and write these cute baby quotes against each picture. Enjoy reading and looking through these pictures every now and then.

If you are looking for more information then feel free to visit Birthday Cake and Cute Baby Quotes

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Motivational Life Quotes and Success in Life

You have probably noticed the great trend of putting motivational life quotes on the walls of home. It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated and energetic throughout the day. It’s best motivational tool to put life quotations on the strategic places of your house. Using affirmations along with quotes can do wonders into your life.

Motivational Life Quotes and Goals

Decide your long term and short term goals like in next one year I have to buy a new house and in the next two years I have to make ten thousand dollars and so on. Deciding goals is the key to success. Make workable action plan to achieve your goals. Just believe in yourself. Think big and you will get big. Kick out all the negative thoughts from your mind. Think positive and you will get positive results. And whenever you feel down in the way of achieving goals and need motivation to keep yourself striving, Life Quotes are always there to give you instant boost in your energy and motivation.

Survive Through Tough Time

We can’t ignore the fact that today’s life is full of stress. There’s no denying that we all are facing difficult moments. Peoples are being laid off and unemployment level is growing at a very fast rate. From terrorism to natural calamities to global warming, people are literally stressed out of the amount of devastation simply waiting to happen.

And it doesn’t seem like things will get back to normal in near future. It seems as if things will get worst. So what can we do to succeed in this tough time? How can we make ourselves strong and determined to fight tough time? We need to change our thoughts. We need to think big. We need to think positive to survive. Motivational Life Quotes re-write negative thoughts in your mind with positive ones and thus helps you become successful person in today’s tough time.

Success and your thoughts

Success depends on your thoughts and beliefs. What you think you become. Those who are successful person have one thing in common and that is they believe in themselves. They believe that they are worth to get success. If you also do believe in yourself, you can also achieve the same success. Antole France once said, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” So believe in yourself and don’t let your dreams stay just dreams. Achieve them and get success you deserve. And form a habit of reading Motivational Life Quotes on daily basis to keep yourself full of energy and motivated on the way of success.

Visit our website to read our collection of Famous
Life Quotes and
Love Quotes.

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1973 Buffalo Bills vs. 1994 San Francisco 49ers


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5 Minutes With Bryan Scott (Safety – Buffalo Bills)

You know how people always ask you if they can talk to you for 5 minutes? But it always ends up being more? Well, I talked to Bryan Scott for my version of 5 minutes.

Visit Showyourdedication.com to enter to win an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl!

Also, download Bryan’s new inspirational song “Dedication” on itunes.


Follow Bryan on twitter @teambryanscott http://twitter.com/teambryanscott

Follow me @nflgoodwitch http://twitter.com/nflgoodwitch

And visit Playerperspective.com for more from me and on football players like Bryan!

A little about Bryan:

When the NFL lockout paused Bryan Scott’s passion for football, he dedicated the extra time toward his other great love—music. Scott collaborated with his music producer brother, Brandon Scott, to record a debut single, “Dedicated”—an inspirational song that showcases his vocal, instrumental and songwriting capabilities.

For the “Dedicated” music video, Scott engaged some of his NFL friends and competitors who also share a love for music—including Atlanta Falcons Fullback and Pro Bowler Ovie Mughelli, Buffalo Bills Linebacker Arthur Moats, Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Stephen Nicholas, and Jacksonville Jaguars Pro Bowl Running Back Montell Owens. The inspirational pop song encourages people to “aim for the moon” and stay dedicated to their passions. The project came naturally for Scott, whose passion for music dates back to age eight when he taught himself to play piano, drums and saxophone.

Even though he’s now fully engaged on the Buffalo Bills gridiron, Scott’s foray into music is more than a sideline interest and he is not your average athlete-turned-rapper or singer.

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